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Blingalytics is an open-source Python project for building a flexible, powerful business reporting system.

  • Define new reports quickly by writing simple Python
  • Pluggable data source infrastructure — use the built-in modules or write one for your own particular needs
  • Powerful caching system allows for fast and easy sorting and paging
  • Drop-in web frontend for running and displaying reports to your users

Whatever business initiatives and performance indicators you want to look at, Blingalytics offers the tools you need to slice and dice your data. Maybe you want to see the number of retweets your clients get over time. Or maybe you simply want to track your revenue and other financial indicators. Perhaps you need to track how many virtual tractors your virtual farmers are purchasing. Blingalytics can probably help.

Thanks to Adly for fostering the development of Blingalytics as an open-source project. Blingalytics is released under the MIT License.

Getting Help

If you’ve already blown through the docs and haven’t found the answers you’re looking for, there are a number of other channels where you can get help.

  • Mailing List: If you need help with Blingalytics, you can post a question to our mailing list. The developers will do our best to reply promptly.
  • Twitter: We maintain an official Twitter account, @blingalytics, where we’ll announce official news. You can also tweet at us and see what happens!
  • IRC: We’ll hang out on the #blingalytics channel on Freenode, where we’ll try to help answer any questions.

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